Another copy of the previous, and the next bunch of steinweiss columbia lp covers

My first batch of Columbia lps by Steinweiss. I already showed AC55, this is a second copy . There are slight color differences. Like I always say, if these were postage stamps one of them would be valuable. The Ken Griffin cover is not necessarily Steinweiss. I think it is clever enough to be him – the use of color in the lettering, the black and white tv. The Black Magic cover reverts to an older Steinweiss signature font than he had been using. Finally, Kostelanetz plays Vincent Youmans. This is a fun cover. One copy I have has a colophon that Columbia used for Kostelanetz lps in the middle 1950s. The other copy drops the colophon. The colors are quite different. I can’t believe there is a market for this stuff on CD, but here is the reissue on CD. The CD covers shows a reissue of the ML version – this lp appeared in Columbia’s popular line (CL) and Columbia Masterworks! How this can be a Masterwork is a matter of marketing. I have ML 4382 but haven’t scanned it yet – I will try to post it soon. It is the earliest of the lps of this music
There is something peculiar about all of them – the way there is a stripe across the bottom as if something has been taken out, and not by steinweiss. I have long assumed there was a 78 rpm set that did not have the stripe, but I haven’t seen it nor a picture of it.

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