rca 78 rpm sets of music originally from 1938-1940

Five 78 rpm sets on RCA. The music was originally issued in 1938-1940, but I do not believe these covers date from then, but rather from the mid 1940s. Only DM515 is signed by the artist – Stahlhurst. I only collect the RCA sets that I really like – so the percentage of great covers in this bunch is amazing. And the range of styles is pretty fine, too.

I wish I knew ANYTHING about Stahlhurst. A quick Google search just now finds no references except my own. Anyone reading this know anything?

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3 Responses to rca 78 rpm sets of music originally from 1938-1940

  1. Bryan Bishop says:

    Very cool covers! I had the Stravinsky Capriccio with a variant cover, in which the yellow box with “RCA Victor Red Seal Records” conjoined with the black box containing Nipper was replaced with just lettering, either “Victor Musical Masterpiece” or “Victor Records” (I can’t remember which). The “RCA Victor” configuration is later; in 1946 the brand name of the label was officially changed from just “Victor” to “RCA Victor” and many covers were altered to reflect this change. I think also this was the reason for some of the spines being stamped with “RCA Victor” because that only seems to occur when the covers say just “Victor.”

    Kiddie Records Weekly (www.kiddierecords.com) has Peter and the Wolf in a generic cover, and you can download and listen to the recording there (it’s the first issue of 2006).

    I think “Stahlhurst” was actually Henry Stahlhut (you’re reading in two extra letters). Try Googling that and you’ll find that he was an illustrator for Gourmet Magazine.

  2. JC says:

    Do you know how much Petrouchka Goes for in NM the DM 574

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