Steinweiss’ Scheherazade on Everest

Steinweiss’ fifth design for Scheherazade was for the Everest label. Everest was started in 1958. Steinweiss told me that he designed all of the Everest covers, which appears to be true until some time in 1960. This cover is a favorite of mine, it reminds me of the cover of King Crimson’s second album. I show the original mono and stero releases, with silver cardboard. Then an early reissue, with white cardboard. At this point Everest was still a quality label. By the time I was in college, Everest was a cheapo label sold more at college bookfairs than in record stores. The last two copies are from those days.

Steinweiss appears to have done all the packaging for Everest – the logo, the label, and the inner sleeve. I show the back cover of the silver copy, then the inner sleeve. Then the stereo original label. I did not scan the label, but found it on line.

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