remaining 12 inch m-mm 500s

M and MM 572 to 588. The last one in poor condition. Some great covers.

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  1. Bryan Bishop says:

    Hello, I have just discovered your blog – what a wonderful resource! I love those Columbia Masterworks Steinweiss covers and have reproduced a handful on my own blog.

    You have wondered about the difference between M- and MM- for the set prefixes. One M denotes a manual sequence set (the ordinary sequence, where side 2 is on the back of side 1, etc.) and two (MM) is an automatic sequence (for example, for a four-record set, side 8 is on the back of side 1, side 7 on the back of side 2, etc.). In the early 1940’s the manual sets were the commoner but by 1945 the automatics were. Sometime in 1947 Columbia discontinued manual sets altogether (in the Masterworks series) and converted all the existing sets in the back catalogue to MM. The last reference to a manual set I have seen is M-693 (Strauss: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme – Reiner). The two-record sets were X- (manual) and MX- (automatic).

    Please keep ’em coming!

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