steinweiss 12 inch 78 rpm sets

Below I worked c55 and c96 in among the c (popular) 10 inch sets, even though they are 12 inch. The numbering system that Columbia used does not differentiate by size. Now I am going through all my 12 inch Steinweiss 78 rpm sets. These first ones are c107 and m244, m259 and mm250. I do not know why some are m and some are mm, which appears to be a later designation. These are around 1945 I think. All by Steinweiss, all pretty impressive designs.

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  1. David Stephenson says:

    You may already have received a reply about M and MM.
    In case you haven’t, my understanding is that:
    M were sets in manual playing order
    MM were sets for automatic playing order.

    My source is a document:

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