south pacific not in my collection

Here are a variety of covers of the same music. These are not in my collection, but are images from web-searches. D244 is another issue of the 78 rpm set. I can’t account for this – no American Columbia 78 rpm set that I have seen has a number starting with D. In the 1960s Columbia kept the recordings in print with a new cover, perhaps to compete with the RCA movie soundtrack. This cover is shown in the electronic stereo (ugh) version. The one I call cassette I think is the cassette version. I assume it came out on reel-to-reel and 8-track also. The CD version is quite nice, to see a design from that long ago come back. In the 1960s, this cover was old-fashioned. In the 1980s, it was nostalgic. Then comes an ad for Columbia soundtracks, showing the original lp cover. Finally, an overseas reissue on Phillips. Elements of Steinweiss’ design are kept, but this is not Steinweiss.

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  1. Bryan Bishop says:

    Columbia Masterworks sets with a D- prefix were Canadian issues. There was also a Canadian J- series for two-record sets.

    • recordcovers says:

      Hi Bryan, Thank you so much for your kind comments. I just looked at your blog, and I also thank you for putting a link to this site. I am going to have to set up some links myself, and add you to them. I don’t play 78s, don’t even have the equipment to do so. But I can appreciate that you love them. I find the early Mercury monophonic lps to be a real favorite in classical recordings.
      Don’t worry, I am getting back to scanning all my 78 set covers as soon as I finish this little side project on Steinweiss Scheherazades.
      Finally, thanks so much for clearing up the D and M/MM prefix issue. The M thing in particular finally makes a longstanding puzzle clear to me.

      • Bryan Bishop says:

        Should clarify further about the M/MM thing. Most of the sets up to about the 680s were available as both manual and automatic; however, those sets where no piece spreads out over more than one side were only available as M- until Columbia did away with manual sets. Likewise for the X/MX. There were a few MC’s as you’ve observed but they were quite rare since the popular sets tended to be one song, one side.

        Victor also had the manual/automatic set prefixes; in their case it was M/DM for the classical sets.

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