Two covers for the same recording

One of my favorite things in record cover collecting is finding two different covers to the same recording. Here are two Steinweiss covers, both for the same music. I have two theories about these. This was 1948, when lps had just appeared. Either, the more elaborate cover, which I call mm724b, appeared first, and when it went out of print they made the generic cover to sell the records to the remaining customers who had not switched to lps. Or, they brought out the generic cover mm724a and all the other similar covers, and then when they realized 78s were still selling, made the individual cover mm724b. I have lots of the generic design, albeit all the others are on 12 inch sets, which I will scan eventually.

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4 Responses to Two covers for the same recording

  1. Bryan Bishop says:

    I’ve observed the same phenomenon with MM718, the Mahler 5th with Bruno Walter conducting. I once had a generic-cover copy of that which the original owner, from whom I acquired it, had received for Christmas 1947 (as notated inside the album). Later I found a copy with an individual Steinweiss cover. So, my theory is that they rushed copies of the set with the generic cover before the individual cover was ready. This was, of course, before LPs were introduced.

    You might find this approximate dating guide to Masterworks sets useful:

    1936 M-235 (X sets begun this year)
    1937 M-272, X-71
    1938 M-310, X-87
    1939 M-350, X-114
    1940 M-390, X-152
    1941 M-427, X-182
    1942 M-484, X-212
    1943 M-526, X-231
    1944 M-545, X-239
    1945 M-554, X-245
    1946 M-592, X-257
    1947 M-642, X-270
    1948 MM-715, MX-288
    1949 MM-795, MX-306
    1950 MM-865, MX-329
    1951 MM-945, MX-350

    • recordcovers says:

      thanks! the guide to years is very helpful, I will use it when I resume posting the 78 rpm sets. do you know the same stuff for RCA? I have a few dozen RCA 78 sets I will post eventually. And a few dozen Decca, too.

      • Bryan Bishop says:

        I do have the following info for RCA Victor M/DM- sets:

        1927 M-1
        1928 M-20
        1929 M-42
        1930 M-66
        1931 M-95
        1932 M-115
        1933 M-136
        1934 M-185
        1935 M-232
        1936 M-289
        1937 M-324
        1938 M-404
        1939 M-520
        1940 M-619
        1941 M-720
        1942 M-842
        1943 M-920
        1944 M-951
        1945 M-986
        1946 M-1023
        1947 M-1081
        1948 M-1168
        1949 M-1280
        1950 DM-1335
        1951 DM-14??

        The series ended at about DM-1525 for 78s, but continued as 45-rpm sets prefixed WDM-.

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