first appearance of steinweiss scrawl, revisited

Looking at the covers, below, I see that a font a lot like Steinweiss scrawl appears on m595, rise stevens love songs. I still think that m670 is more important. Look at the covers m670 to mm694. In each case, it is easy to tell what the most important thing to the marketing is. m670 looked at as it appears in this blog, small, says “Eddy” and “Columbia” and has Eddy’s picture. mm684 says “Piatagorsky”, “Russian Melodies” and “Columbia”. mm694 says “Lucienne Boyer” and “Columbia”. Then, when looked at up close (simply click on each picture) one sees all the detail. Steinweiss Scrawl allows lots of detail to be written fairly large, without detracting from the overall design. In m670, this includes the album title and the orchestra. In mm694, “Songs of” and other information. In mm684, lots of information is there, but in much smaller type.

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