first appearance of steinweiss scrawl

Steinweiss’ golden period, and the golden period of record covers in general, is the period just after World War II, roughly 1946 to 1950. Steinweiss could draw, could lay out a page, could oversee a photograph. In addition to all this, he had a unique command of fonts. He also invented one font that has survived: Steinweiss scrawl. It enables one to put large amounts of information on a page in a way that does not detract from the page’s readability from a distance and ability to convey the most important information first. The first appearance of Steinweiss Scrawl was in 1947, on these 10 inch covers and some 12 inch ones that will come later. I don’t love the Nelson Eddy cover, m670, but it is the earliest 10 inch to have the scrawl.

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